As Leader / Co-Leader

As an improviser-composer, I strive to create dynamic sounds that move within the spectrum of chaos and control / premeditated and spontaneous / intensity and serenity. These recordings are snapshots of my ongoing attempt to capture this volition.

Streams – duo with Marilyn Crispell released on NotTwo / Polyfold
Ocelot – a collaborative trio with Cat Toren and Colin Hinton released on 577 Records
Petting Zoo – improvised record with Jesica Ackerley and Colin Hinton
Spear and Shield – EP
Two Improvisations – duo with Chatori Shimizu released on Polyfold Music

As Sideperson

I am very grateful to be a part of the Brooklyn / NYC creative music community where I have the opportunity to engage with artists who are bullishly pursuing their own vision. I see this community as family and take pride in lifting their voice. I hope you can take the chance to listen to some of their music:

The Living Collection – Lesley Mok released on American Dreams
Phantom Islands – Mat Muntz
Idiom – Anna Webber released on Pi Records
Leftover Beats From The Edges Of Time – Gabriel Zucker released on ESP Disks
Laughing Coffin – Alec Goldfarb
A Thoughtful Collapse – Pravin Thompson released on Small Settlement
Simulacra – Colin Hinton released on New Focus
Ash, Dust, and the Chalkboard Cinema – Peter Nelson released on OutsideIn Music
ThruWorld – Ken Ychicawa