light riddles through me and you

translucent vein        you paragon


of life        two elements enter

one room        two elements comprise


seventy percent of what calls itself I

an I is no objective        I


am no objective observer       lifeform

I call myself here call myself        you


under clouds of unfathomable data






we fashion contrary quakes

in this arterial night


masked vessels we maintain

dominion over the crevices


of no sound        read the energy

of our silence        our hoarse oath


moves like the ocean

in a plastic bottle


a child holds it by the cap

and swirls until she creates the wind






each breath is a microtome

replete with the apex from which it fell


let the quivering forebearer pass the shield

let the child make of it a raft


the canyon carved seeks nothing

but articulation of the air surrounding

there is nothing a sword can say

that the moon will not come to possess


captive in the shield’s orange irons

no stroke can part the current


without nightly giving

a fraction of your lung






what surrounds

the key click

on brass

through rilles


lamps populate our waters

meretricious as monks leaping 

to return


of flesh

fog flexed


unstable as origin

we fall

from the mountain

torrential as rain





bewildered as the aphid in the bank's amaryllis

                                                        the mud


occasions regeneration        what follows

                                                        I will


not see        I am falling into phase

                                                        with light




Ma / Space


footprints I leave are

irreducibly my own


yours    I cannot know

despite these years of tracing


in sleep your figures

the life that shapes voice eludes


only stars remain

constellations projected

onto singular arrays


our feet walk their own

paths    first    our arms intertwined

then    unnoticeably split    


orbits ears create

bind elements our throats shake

secular sonic temples 


let’s proffer this bridge

make (w)hol(l)y our divergence




Poems by Rushi Vyas