Spear And Shield

Spear and Shield is Yuma’s debut album released in June, 2015. It is available for streaming/purchase from the bandcamp website.

The title comes from an ancient Chinese story about a merchant selling a spear and a shield. The merchant claims that the spear can pierce through anything, while the shield cannot be penetrated – One man asks, “What happens when spear meets the shield?” — This is said to be the origin of the Japanese word for paradox (矛盾, pronounced Mujun). Spear (矛) and Shield (盾).
The spear and the shield represent two ends of various spectrums, such as logic and intuition, order and chaos, creation and destruction, and so forth. Often it feels paradoxical for theses extremes to coexist – The inspiration for this album comes from the idea that the creative process is always in state of flux within these paradoxical extremes, constantly seeking for the balance.



Yuma Uesaka – tenor sax, composition
Ian Finkelstein – piano (1,3,4)
Ben Rolston – bass
Julian Allen – drums
Stephen Grady – tenor sax (5)

Recorded at Solid Sound Recording Company, MI
Engineered by Eric Wojahn and Josh Wiechmann
Mixed by Nick Nagurka
Mastered by Alex Hug
Art Work by Zuba Dolfin

All compositions by Yuma Uesaka, except “Turnaround” (Ornette Coleman) and “26-2” (John Coltrane)